Plan Your Next Move
Achive Your Goalsour income.

Planning you next move can range from starting a business or hitting your next career goal. We look at everything from sales and marketing to structures and process to put a plan in place that will work. 

Sales and Marketing

We work with you to align your sales and marketing. As a result, you end up with more leads. When Marketing is right, sales become easy. ​

Coaching and Consulting

Are you looking to sharpen your skills for the next promotion? Want to start that business you have an idea for finally? We will work with you to identify what you need and put an actionable plan in place for you to get results in your next move. ​

Fast and Reasonable

We work with you to get you a plan that works with your budget. From your corporation to the solo-entrepreneur, we will work wiht you to make sure you reach your goals.

Our services

Sales and Marketing

We will take a look at your process and create a plan to improve?

Business Consulting

Want to start a business or improve one that you have?


Don't know where to start or what move to make next?

Online Courses

We have a growing list of online courses to help you every step of the way!

Coaching Program

3 & 6-month programs

During the programs, we will work with you in identifying what your next move is and develop a plan to get you there. We will hold you accountable for each step you must take to get to your outcome. 

Happy clients

Working with Sharon has been amazing. She took the time to get to know me and my skills and talents. She said one simple thing to me that sparked my fire and it has been such an awesome journey to grow my business.
Yelena S.
Owner, Dapper James Creations
Sharon is now helping businesses with consulting on marketing via social media and has done a phenomenal job! She has given me so much great knowledge! If you are looking for someone to do your marketing for you, she's your gal!
Nicole D
When I needed help with my sales and marketing I gave Shaorn a call. She knew how to do everythign I needed done. The eye for detail and looking at the entire picture helped my business so much.
Digital Media
Business Owner

Sales and Marketing

We look at some of the following

Your Socail Media sites can drive traffic to your business. We look and analize your accounts to make sure they are driving leads. 

Email marketing is still alive. Your email list is one of your biggest assest. PUtting action around your emails can result in increased conversions. 

Landing pages are key places for your campaigns and efferts. Making sure they are targeted and optimized will result in warmer traffic

Content and value are what help to drive recognition. We will go over your goals, make plan, and execute what you need. 

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