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About Fly Free

The business was started from unpaid maternity leave in 2017. Needing to provide income, Sharon turned to what she knew, sales and marketing. Having previous experiences growing a business from 5 figures to multiple 7 figures in under a year, she knew what she was doing. By reaching out to contacts, she was able to start a business. Now she continues to help people realize their dreams of owning a business and helps business owners to keep the needle moving through sales and marketing.

About Sharon

I started my career in the wine business and then moved to medical sales. I grew several business while workign as Director of Sales and Marketing. I grew a medical business to over 3 million dollars in under a year by tackling sales and marketing head one and realized I knew what I was doing. 

I was able to learn what I needed and apply it to grow the business. I had no book of business or knowledge of the industry. I learned as I went. I built systems and processes that are repeatable and have since replicated this process in several industries.

I now have built a team, and we help take the skills and knowledge that we have and put it into action to help others do the same.  I have a passion for helping people. In my spear time,  I love to cook for my family and am a bit of a yoga junkie, and also hold my 200 RYT. 

About Courses

We customize our course to fit you needs. reach out to us today to see how we can work with you. 


It is our mission to help you live your life free. Free of stress, free of worry, and help you to grow. We want to you be as happy as you can be while doing what you love.